Student Representative Council

Statement by the Student Representative Council 2021

“One of our major roles is to represent the students to the College management on their concerns and ensure that their expectations are met.  We intend to be the watchdogs of the students. As we are leading within an academic body that aims to be a leading institution in integrated education and training for sustainable development, our mandate is to stick to the vision and ensure that the College achieves its goals. The SRC does not work alone but consults various stakeholders such as Student Support Services in our decision making processes. This is to make sure that the services rendered under our leadership are convenient to the needs of the students and enhance their learning programme”.

We will do these guided by;

South Africa is a country with scarce financial resources; as such it is important that recipient of any form of financial assistance should perform well academically. The F.E.T. Colleges Bursary Scheme is targeted not only at assisting needy students but it is also a means to address the skills shortages that are prevalent in our country.

These skills shortages cannot be addressed without encouraging academic excellence. A student who fails in his/her academic studies would thus not receive a bursary in the subsequent year.