Middelburg Campus

Mr M. Phalane
Campus Manager
Ms Du Preez A
SES - Business Studies

The campus was established in 1966 by Mr. Gert van Blerk who was the Deputy Principal of the Technical High School with part time classes at the school. A year after, in 1977 the Technical Institute was established with Mr van Bla as Principal Business Studies was introduced 5 years later in 1982. The Institute was situated on corner Wanderers and Coetzee Streets in the old Middelburg Primary School Building. The renaming of the campus from the Institute to Middelburg Technical College took place in 1983. As the student population increased rapidly, the infrastructure at Cnr Wanderers & Coetzee streets become too small and a new campus was opened in Brug Street.

Students actively participate in political students formations with the Student Christian Organisation (SCO) being the first in to be established in 1999 with their slogan: “forward ever, backwards never! In the year 2000 Middelburg Campus took the lead offering mentor studies and distance learning to students in full-time employment. They had contact sessions with mentor lecturers on appointment basis. Educare studies were introduced in July 1999 wherein a student without Matric would enroll for the N3 Course and students with Matric for the N4 Course.

In December 2001 Middelburg Technical College was the first college in Mpumalanga and the second in South Africa to partner with Technikon South Africa (TSA). Students from both business and engineering studies were awarded the opportunity to continue with third year TSA qualifications. All Students who complete N6 with a minimum of 50% in each Subject could further their studies and complete a TSA Diploma Upon completion of their Diploma; also they were eligible to enroll for a B Tech Degree at TSA.

In 2002 value for money was added to customers with free accredited practical training at the Skills Development Campus for engineering student enrolled for NCOR, N1-N3 and free practical training for business studies students enrolled for N4-N6. The Middelburg Technical College was also affected by the technical colleges’ merger to form Nkangala TVET College with the other three colleges in 2003 and now is known as the Middelburg Campus boosting the second largest campus after Witbank Campus in the college with a student population of about 5000 per annum.

  • Campus Manager: Mr M. Phalane
  • 01 Brug Str, Private Bag X251861,Middelburg 1050
  • +27 (0) 13 243 2148/2294
  • +27 (0) 13 243 7441
  • www.ntc.edu.za

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