Management Assistant


What are the minimum entry requirements to the programme?

For entry in to the Business Management, you require:

  • Grade 12 Certificate; or
  • Equivalent qualification.

How long is the qualification?

For entry in to the Mechanical Engineering N3, you require:

  • Grade 12; or
  • Equivalent qualification.

Which subjects make up a Business Management?

In order to obtain a Nated National Certificate (Business Management), a student is required to take the following subjects.

  • Introductory Accounting N4
  • Management Communication N4
  • Financial Accounting N4 and N5
  • Sales Management N5 and N6
  • Computer Practice N4, N5 and N6
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4, N5 and N6

How long is the qualification?

The Nated National Certificate (Business Management), programme is a full or part time six (06) months programme at each of the Nated (N). A student is issued with a certificate on the successful completion of each Nated (N) of study, that is N4, 5 and 6.

What career opportunities do I have after completing the Nated National Certificate (Business Management)?

The Nated National Certificate (Business Management) provides an opportunity to access careers in any of the sectors listed below:

  • Finance Management
  • Marketing
  • Hunan Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Production
  • Office Administration